9 Benefits Of Reusable Glass Coffee Cups: Saving The Environment 1 Glass At a Time

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benefits of reusable glass coffee cupsThe benefits of reusable glass coffee cups may not be an entirely new concept. How often do you see a colleague or a peer show up to work with a glass cup or a tumbler in hand? It’s a popular practice to make your own drink of coffee or tea at home and carry it around in your special cup on a daily basis. This way you can enjoy the healthy antioxidant benefits.

  • 1) Reusability – The benefits of reusable glass coffee cups are they are 100% reusable, meaning you can fill it with your drink, wash it in the dishwasher, and fill it up again. You never have to worry about the cups degrading, and you never need to throw them out. You can enjoy the refreshing, chemical-free flavor of coffee poured in a 12 oz reusable coffee cup for years to come.
  • 2) Sustainability – Since you aren’t throwing away paper cups on a daily basis, you are creating a much more positive impact on the environment. When you use a eco friendly reusable coffee cup, you are promoting the better health and protection of the world around you. Your efforts to stay clean and green will reduce the amount of waste going to landfills that destroy our oceans and habitats.
  • 3) Customizability – You can enjoy a beautiful glass cup with a design that no paper cup would never be able to replicate. Now you can drink while owning an aesthetically-pleasing item to look at every day.

So, why exactly are people making the switch to reusable glass cups? What’s happening to the disposable paper and plastic cups that we see in almost every coffee house and fast food restaurant?

Well, the answer is simple: People are beginning to realize that the impact disposable cups have on the environment is quite devastating.

Our landfills are becoming more and more filled with consumer cups, and trash heaps are as large as cities themselves.

To help tackle this massive disposable cup crisis, the benefits of reusable glass coffee cups are a practical solution that encourages better health and wellness practices. In fact, the positive upsides to reusable glass cups are endless. Check them out for yourself, What difference can you make?

Are Reusable Cups Better For The Environment?

The environmental benefits of glass cups are huge. Many components of disposable paper or cardboard cups are extremely harmful, and they have a negative impact on the environment. Some of the major environment-based benefits of reusable glass cups is not necessarily with the parts included, but with the parts not included.

For example, eco friendly reusable coffee cups don’t contain:

  • 4) Paper: Paper disposable cups are lined with polyethylene, which not only makes it hard to recycle, but can also make your drink toxic as well. The glue holding paper cups together can dissolve into the hot coffee. Plus, over 20 million trees are cut down each year to make paper cups.
  • 5) Plastic lids: The plastic lids that fit  on top of paper and plastic cups contain active carcinogens, and are very hard to recycle. As an alternative, the reusable glass cups provided here at Bean&Bliss are made of food grade silicone, are BPA free and chemical-free. Plus, the lids are tightly fitting and heat resistant, helping to protect both you and your drink.
  • 6) Styrofoam: Styrofoam is a terrible material to add to the environment. It can last in landfills for over 500 years, since it does not degrade over time. It’s harmful to the planet, not to mention the liquid from polystyrene (which often leaks into coffee drinks) is carcinogenic. Rather than styrofoam, each Bean&Bliss reusable glass cup is made from borosiliciate glass with a wide silicone sleeve for comfort.

Additionally, reusable glass cups are not lined with plastic, and do not contain any harmful products. In fact, there are no chemicals at all. Only the cleanest, purest form of glass will greet your lips when you sip your favorite beverage in this cup which you can use as a reusable tea cup!

Of course, there are many non-environmental benefits of reusable glass coffee cups as well. Not only will you be creating a better world for tomorrow, but you will be enjoying a comforting cup of coffee with each sip. Here’s 6 reasons why you need a daily coffee and how to make a healthier coffee.

Environmental Benefits of Glass Coffee Cups


Are reusable cups better for the environment? The short answer is yes. There are many additional reasons you can enjoy a reusable coffee cup. Aside from saving the environment one sip of coffee at a time, you can also enjoy something that is designed for your better comfort. From ergonomic design to coffee control usability, there’s lots to enjoy with these reusable glass coffee cups with lids.

  • 7) You can save money – Each time you make your own coffee instead of buying a coffee at the store, you save a little bit of money. Think about how many times you buy a drink a coffee house, and how much it costs per drink. When you use eco friendly reusable coffee cups instead, you are saving a lot of money that you can put back into your own wallet.
  • 8) You can control the ingredients – Do you ever get fed up when a restaurant puts too much cream or sugar in your coffee? Now, you don’t have to worry about that, as you can make your own coffee at home and add the ingredients you prefer. You can choose the blend, bean, and strength that’s available to you at any of your local stores. Talk about customer satisfaction.
  • 9) You won’t consume harmful toxins – The glue of a disposable cup produces carcinogenic chemicals that can seep into your drink. Over time, that’s a lot of harmful substances you’re putting into your body. Even BPA-free cups contain some less-than-friendly chemicals. They can disrupt your hormones, cause medical imbalances, and even give you cancer. Using a glass reusable cup does away with those kinds of risks, keeping your body healthier and your drink tastier at all times.

There are almost no negatives to switching to a borosilicate glass 12 oz reusable coffee cup from a disposable one. In fact, the list of positives is nearly endless, especially considering how great reusable items are for the environment. It’s time to do away with plastic and paper products that will sit in landfills for centuries. It’s time to start doing something to create a better change for the world around you!

What’s in a Bean&Bliss Reusable Glass Coffee Cup?

reusable to go cups

Each Bean and Bliss reusable glass coffee cup is designed for your comfort and sustainability. Our environmentally-friendly products are made using chemical-free, biodegradable, and non-toxic materials, which are built for support and longevity. Plus, you’ll enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of a clean cup of coffee without worrying about the flavor being dampened by absorbed or imparted chemicals.

Each reusable glass cup comes with:

  • Flavor purity guarantee – Glass is the purest material used to make a coffee cup. Unlike steel, plastic, and paper, there aren’t any harmful chemicals or coatings that can infiltrate the taste of your coffee. When you drink from a glass cup, you will taste nothing but the bittersweet drink you’ve prepared for yourself. Plus, they make the best reusable tea cup for enjoying your calming chamomile tea from.
  • Heat-resistant lid – Each lid is fitted to the specifications of the cup, meaning that you won’t have to worry about it coming loose. Plus, this super heat-resistant material will ensure that the heat never escapes your cup. Enjoy your hot drink all morning long!
  • Silicone sleeve – This smooth-feeling sleeve makes for a great grip, allowing you to hold onto your drink in a comfortable way. It won’t slip through your fingers. Also, it creates a degree of insulation that will prevent your hand from getting burned when you touch your cup. The hot drink will remain hot on the inside, but you won’t have to suffer for it on the outside.

When considering a reusable glass coffee cup to add to your collection of sustainable and environmentally items, you can’t go wrong with a new Bean and Bliss coffee cup to meet all of your coffee and tea-drinking needs!

Purchase a Brand New Reusable Glass Cup Today!

At Bean and Bliss, we care not only for environmental sustainability, but for the comfort and happiness of each customer. Our glass cups are designed with purity and luxury in mind, giving you the best opportunity for enjoying the most wholesome coffee taste every time. Our products contain no chemicals, no toxins, and absolutely no wasteful materials.

We are choosing to use reusable glass cups as a sign of encouragement to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

There are many different colors and styles to choose from with these styles of cups. Whether you want something to make your life easier as when you’re in a rush and on the go, or you are looking for a 12oz cup of coffee to enjoy all morning, there is a cup out there. Enjoy the pure flavors of coffee and the benefits of reusable glass coffee cups today.

9 Benefits Of Reusable Glass Coffee Cups: Saving The Environment 1 Glass At A Time
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9 Benefits Of Reusable Glass Coffee Cups: Saving The Environment 1 Glass At A Time
12oz reusable glass coffee cups are the perfect choice for fresh tasting coffee & tea to go. Using BPA free food grade, the splashproof silicone lid and wide sleeve keep your coffee in and clothes clean:)
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